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Services Include the Following

Therapy: Individual and group sessions by a Licensed Clinical Therapist.

Life & Social Skills: Provide continuing life and social skill groups facilitated by the program’s counseling staff and supervised by the program’s manager and clinical therapist.

Tutorial & Educational Support: Provide tutoring/study time by qualified staff. This includes ensuring that all IEP’s are accurate and updated according to the individual’s academic needs.

Recreational Exposure: Weekly recreational outings will be planned by both residents and staff and occasionally include both local and long distance travel.

Independent Living Skills: All residents receive at least basic knowledge of job skills (career development), money management, personal care skills (hygiene), laundry care skills, domestic care, organizational skills, time management skills, meal planning/grocery shopping/meal preparation skills, public transportation/guidance toward securing a driver’s permit/license, and exploration of various housing arrangements all in support of their ability to achieve some level of self sufficiency in their daily living routine.

Treatment Planning & Case Management: Ensures that the resident’s needs are being addressed through a specific plan of action (ISP). The Program Manager and/or Case Manager will be responsible for guiding the implementation of this service, to ensure that the components of the ISP are accurate, appropriate to the resident’s ever-changing needs.

Educational Services: During the referral phase the Program Manager and/or Case Manager will be responsible for securing information and documentation regarding the individual’s current/previous educational status; including current placement, previous academic and behavioral status, current grades, current IEP (if applicable). The program will provide tutoring/study time sessions for collective and individualized instruction in the home by qualified staff.